John Davenport

Again entered the Post-Potfest period of introspection and re-evaluation. It often feels unproductive, but I find it is a necessary part of the process of reviewing past work and and setting new goals for the future. This year has been dominated by a search for better ways to use colour, but I now want to work on a new series of glazes which will extend this search to include a more active use of glaze. No results to show yet, but travelling hopefully!

My interest in more ‘paintily’ designs, using coloured porcelain slips over a craft crank or New Drayton stoneware body is now firmly set to continue. I feel this route has much more to offer and am looking forward to building on the start made this year.

Don’t really have more to say, right now. Just aware there is a long way to go and I’m impatient to get moving.