John Davenport

2014 was an interesting year for me, having joined Green Door Studio Artists and exhibited with Up Front Gallery, The Lake Artists Society, the Silverdale Art Trail, Farfield Mill and Kendal Museum, as well as Potfest in the Pens. I hope to complete a similar programme in 2015, but right now I am enjoying exploring what is, for me, a new area - colour.

Which still leaves time for experiments with glazes and oxide colours. In my mind they are always going to be perfect. They never are, but there is still enough to persuade me to try another batch.

Until recently, I have concentrated on the traditional stoneware oxides, but my latest pots are becoming much more ‘paintily’, using coloured porcelain slips over a craft crank body.

These recent pots have also got larger - those pictured here are between 35 and 40 cm. tall, which is encouraging me to be more open with my decoration.

I want these new pots to suggest rather than dictate, leaving room for the observer to make their own choices. If I can also raise a few question marks in peoples’ minds, that will be a bonus. The three images below are some of the earliest forays into this new world, so I like to feel I am making progress.