John Davenport

After Potfest last August, I went into my usual period of ceramic hibernation, but now feel to have woken up with some new ideas I am keen to pursue.

One strand in the new impetus came from a shipwreck, stranded years ago on a Portuguese beach. The colours and textures in the rusting, corroded metal were an immediate challenge. I don’t know how far this path will take me, but right now I am enjoying the journey.

Which still leaves time for experiments with glazes and oxide colours. In my mind they are always going to be perfect. They never are, but there is still enough to persuade me to try another batch.

As a member of Green Door Studio Artists, I recently submitted work to their exhibition at the Kendal museum, which features work inspired by visiting the museum. One piece which came from my visit has only recently been fired, but it was based on the old iron mantraps on display in the museum. I planned the pot as a planter, but I think now it may be more powerful empty.

Alongside these two, I have begun a new sculptural series, using coiling rather than slab building and am enjoying the flexibility it offers. From the more decorated, with hints of Anglo Saxon, to the more austere forms I am looking forward to an extended exploration of these ideas.