John Davenport

‘Inside Outside’ - a Green Door Artists exhibition at Kendal Museum

A group of artists presented their responses to this interesting theme in the lower exhibition hall from 14 February to 15 April.

I used the theme to explore the idea of restraint versus freedom. Are the heads imprisoned or protected? Is freedom protection from threat or absence of restraint?

Green Door Art Trail, 8 & 9 April

Unfortunately, we were away that weekend, but Keith & Elizabeth Shorrock kindly offered to display our work at their home in Cark.

Ongoing themes from 2016

The piece on the left is an attempt to create a supporting background for a clinging plant (not a streptocarpus like this) to climb into. I was pleased with the overall effect, but the flat panel, fired separately from the square pot below, had too much in-built tension and cracked during the glaze firing.

My response was to break the design up into smaller pieces and then stitch them together after firing. I don’t think I have this right yet, but it is an interesting concept.

This shallow bowl is another exploration of coloured porcelain slips layered over the grogged clay body while leather hard. After the first firing to 1,000 c. I applied a mix of metal oxides then a very thin layer of glaze before the final firing to 1,260 c.