John Davenport

My ceramic world came to life when I took a stand at Potfest in the Pens in August 2008. Prior to that, ceramics had been at best an occasional hobby. I was delighted when my ‘Clayopolis - The Journey’ won that year’s Craft & Design award in the Potfest competition. I have to admit, though, that I believe it was the story the judges liked, rather than the pot.

By training, I am an economist and spent most of my working life in financial services. Ceramics provide a complete counter-weight which I am now able to develop in retirement.

Since then, I have exhibited at Potfest each year and have gradually become involved in more local venues. In 2014 I made my first submissions to The Lake Artists Society’s annual exhibition and was pleased to have both my pieces accepted.

I have also joined Green Door Studio in Kendal and through them have exhibited at Farfield Mill, the Silverdale Art Trail and Kendal Museum.

Clayopolis - The Journey

My tower represents the great, soaring city of Clayopolis where potters from miles around have gathered to celebrate their craft.

The pilgrim carries his small pot along the narrow, winding path, hoping one day to enter the city.

My only formal training in ceramics has been a number of one-day and one-week courses run by Gordon Cooke of Sale, Manchester, but I have found that you can still make progress providing you are willing to go on getting it wrong. No pot is ever the perfect object which glowed in your mind at the start, but it is still a rewarding journey with, happily, no end in sight.