Ongoing themes

The piece on the right is an attempt to create a supporting background for a clinging plant (not a streptocarpus like this) to climb into. I was pleased with the overall effect, but the flat panel, fired separately from the square pot below, had too much in-built tension and cracked during the glaze firing.

My response (below) was to break the design up into smaller pieces and then stitch them together after firing. I don’t think I have this right yet, but it is an interesting concept.

‘Inside Outside’

A Green Door Artists exhibition at Kendal Museum

A group of artists presented their responses to this interesting theme in the lower exhibition hall from 14 February to 15 April.

I used the theme to explore the idea of restraint versus freedom. Are the heads imprisoned or protected? Is freedom protection from threat or absence of restraint?

Green Door Art Trail, 8 & 9 April

Unfortunately, we were away that weekend, but Keith & Elizabeth Shorrock kindly offered to display our work at their home in Cark.